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We’re excited to share the next Guest Spotlight, featuring Seattle-based photographer, Cole Hilton, and travel blogger, Nikki Riddy.

These two take some jaw-dropping photos – just check out their Instagrams – @hiltyy and @nikkiriddy, so we knew their Maui photos would be no different!

Cole’s photography style focuses on celebrating natural landscapes while applying his realistic, color-contrasting shooting and processing style in countries all over the world.

You’re in for a treat to see and hear how they spent 5 days in Maui!

Nikki enjoying Maui Beachside patio in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Cole & Nikki’s Maui Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrive, Unwind & Relax

After arriving, Cole drew a bath to relax and center himself for the hiking and exploring to come, followed by enjoying wine on the lanai with Nikki. The two watched the sun crawl down the hill across the bay until the sweet smell of night came through the trees.

Day 2: Early Rise & Cruise Hana Highway

On their first full day, they woke up at 4 AM for sunrise on the Hana Highway. Then they cruised the road, ate truck stop food along the way, explored local waterfalls, and swam as the warm rain fell around them. The day ended with homemade tacos and a movie.

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Day 3: Exploring from Sunrise to Sunset

Up and at ‘em while the stars were still out, they hiked the Needle to watch the sunrise and fill the valley with warm rays of light. After the morning expedition, they made lunch to go while back at the condo and got ready for sunset at Haleakalā Crater.

With the sun starting to set as they drove on the road, they watched the climate change as they increased their elevation. With the clouds below them, they watched the sun tuck itself in for the night and began the journey back down to spend the rest of the night making vegan tacos and fresh margaritas.

Nikki and Cole standing on their vehicle watching the sunrise at Mt. Haleakala in Maui, HI.

Day 4: Local Markets, Beach Time & More Margaritas

On Day 4, Cole and Nikki visited local markets in the morning for fresh produce to put into their breakfast. They ate and drank fresh-squeezed juice and sipped hot coffee as the day warmed up and the rays began turning to bright highlights sparkling on the bright blue waters of the bay.

They wanted to spend the day taking their time and enjoying the moment, rather than hiking and shooting, so they strolled the beaches and visited many local towns that dot the coast of the island, just a short drive from the condo. They ended their day drinking scratch margaritas with a view of the water and softly blowing trees that lulled them to sleep right out on the deck.

Day 5: Departure

Reluctant to depart the Condo on their last day, they returned the rental car and headed to the airport to bask in the fond and already cherished memories this home lent to their time on the island!

While waiting for their flight, they talked over macadamia nut flavored coffee how their new top goal for next year is to return.

As if that’s not enough to love, here are a few more of their Maui favorites…

Cole & Nikki’s Maui Favorites

Favorite Maui Activity: 

Cole:  Trail running the craters of the Haleakalā volcano

Nikki: Exploring the black & red sand beaches near Hana

Favorite Maui Food + Drink: 

Cole:  Homemade tacos from the farmers market & Local Coffee

Nikki: Avocado toast and fresh-squeezed juice

Best Maui Souvenir: 

Cole:  Locally made soap from the Road to Hana

Nikki: Locally made hot sauce from the Road to Hana

Where They Stayed:

Maui Beachside 2

Here’s what else they had to say about MB2:

“Truly an amazing residence with character and soul — a place to unwind and exist solely for the now. Maui itself is a paced island of wonderful local residents from all backgrounds, some of which we met while exploring the grounds of the condo building, and welcomed us as if we were age-old friends. This same feeling of welcome is exactly what you feel the moment you step into this beautiful condo. Maui Beachside is a meticulously well thought out condo, surprising us throughout our visit with absolutely everything we needed to enjoy the island to its fullest extent, surely improving our experience and creating an environment I would gladly recommend to anyone looking to spend time on Maui”

“Incredible stay at this beautiful condo in Kihei. We loved cooking, relaxing and unwinding in this wonderfully crafted gem in Maui, and Stacey was the best host we could ask for. We will definitely be back soon!”

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